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Do you need help setting up your visual presence in the world? I will design, set up, and get your promotional items professionally printed for you, even help get your business online. You’ll have opportunities to express your own thoughts throughout the entire process while I use my creativity and research abilities to help produce some great ideas.


graphic design

Shapes, words, pictures, and colors are some of my favorite things. Creating, arranging, and manipulating these elements satisfy my desire to bring more order and organization into the world while still allowing for expressions of creativity. Function is a very important part of art that some people may overlook. If people are not able to easily use or understand your work then what purpose is it serving? Are you creating confusion, or are you helping to foster and nurture understanding? My goal is to help businesses, individuals, and organizations visually communicate with ease and understanding.



I am a very visual person. That is how I think. My mind is filled with images and pictures from my life, surroundings, and from the world. Pictures inspire me and help me in my other areas of work. So, when I have an opportunity to capture more images to add to my collection, I will always try to take advantage of that situation.

Photography helps me. I can understand things better by photographing them and studying them. I am able to express myself through photography and I can understand myself better by examining those captured expressions.


creative design

I can’t draw. I can manipulate and arrange shapes. I can also take advantage of textures and light. When I was in college I fell in love with Adobe Illustrator. This was the perfect program for me. I could now more accurately move and manipulate shapes, lines, and words on the computer screen. My training up to that point had been all pixel based and now I was introduced to the world of vector graphics. Lines were smooth now, circles were actually round, textures could be introduced with more ease, and my understanding of light interaction was expanded.


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Eric D. Maki

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