Hi, my name is Eric

I am a creative artist and graphic designer from Sterling, MA USA.

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I am a very visual person. That is how I think. My mind is filled with images and pictures from my life, surroundings, and from the world. Pictures inspire me and help me in my other areas of work.


Graphic Design

Shapes, words, pictures, and colors are some of my favorite things. Creating, arranging, and manipulating these elements satisfy my desire to bring more order and organization into the world while still allowing for expressions of creativity.


Creative Work

Do you need help setting up your visual presence in the world? I will design, set up, and get your promotional items professionally printed for you, even help get your business online.

Get in Touch

The best way to reach me is by e-mail.

E-Mail: contact@ericmakidesign.com

snail mail: po box 44 Sterling, MA 01564-0044